The Power of PURPOSE


The need to feel positive is even higher today. The times are tough and more challenging. But even when we have thought about the troubles, challenge & many other things, all the at matters here is, how your mind responds to the situations around. Because, in the same depressed market somebody is making great Profits and while others are making losses. The only thing that matters here is, what drives us! The driving force is the most important factor in deciding whether you will rise of perish. Ig fear is driving you then for sure after some time you will perish. And if your driving force is PASSION, if a strong PURPOSE is driving you then no matter how hard the times get you will emerge victorious!!

Let me be very clear here. It is absolutely not about winning or losing, or even profits or losses. It is all about what drives you. What matters to you most? Are you here for short term gains? If you are, then mind well, you will be shattered or will give up once those gains disappear. Let me share a secret for long lasting sense of achievement with you. The sense of PURPOSE. When you have realised the purpose of your being, then even if you lose today, tomorrow or day after or may be some day you will be victorious, provided your purpose is noble and strong enough to be lived every moment for.

Money, profits, fame etc. everything else is secondary or a by-product of a purposeful living. You will find yourself motivated by the journey itself. When the realisation happens, the destinations or mere goals cease to matter. You rise to a higher level of consciousness and that gives a meaning to your life. You start living each moment fully, because you know what you are living for and why. Every event, challenge, achievement, milestone now motivates you to move on and keep aiming for more. You no longer are meant to achieve the physical attainments. You want to go beyond the car, the house, the world trip or even the billion dollars. Whatever is your purpose, you just want to live it to the fullest. Then that living to the fullest may mean climbing the Mount Everest, Cleaning the streets, founding an organisation for some cause, or simply serving people at gas stations. It can be anything. But it will more meaningful. The power of purpose is far greater than any amount of wealth.

The power of purpose ignites action, reassures faith, strengthens beliefs and builds nations. I believe the greatest salvation any human being can get is vy discovering the purpose of his/her being. The journey begins with efforts to realise to find the purpose of one’s existence. The day you realise the purpose, you truly start living your life. After that there must be the purest and most genuine attempt to live the purpose every moment. This brings the sense of peace to any man. An eternal bliss that you are always running after should always be sought within.

A purposeless human being is like a car that does not move. It can be used for all sorts of things even after it is standing still but it ceases to exist as a car because it can not run, the very purpose of any car! Hence, if you are seeking for peace, happiness, prosperity or any kind of salvation… I suggest lets find out the purpose of our existence. The journey to this realisation is itself so satisfying that you will always cherish the moments you had while searching for your purpose. Happy Journey!!